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08 Jul

Why Do Developers Still Prefer iOS Over Android And Others?

Why most of the mobile app developers prefer iOS over other platforms? And what online businesses can learn from this fact? Mobile app developers have clear answers for these two questions.

android vs iphone

This post isn’t biased towards iOS because it will not be a fair study. We are of course in Google’s age where more than 80% of smartphones and 60% of tablets are running on Android OS. So Google, without any doubt, is a leader in mobile market. There is no secret how Google became such gigantic in mobile market. Its mobile OS is available for free. It’s an open source OS that means mobile makers are able to use without paying any licensing fee, customize its features and even power their low-priced smartphones to attract customers. Still, one truth is clearly known to us – businesses prefer iOS’ iPad and iPhone application development technologies when it comes to implementing mobile strategy for all their operations. Why?

Professionals engaged in iPad or iPhone application development can give you more reasons than one. First, it’s easy to build apps for iOS powered devices in comparison of Android devices. iPad or iPhone apps prove to be more lucrative in terms of generating revenue. Game developers often prefer iOS over Android for their game app projects.

There are certainly some problems with Android so that developers first plan to build apps for iOS. The first problem is fragmentation. Android’s ecosystem is still fragmented at many places. First, there are multiple OS types available for the same version. Second, not all devices do get timely updates of the latest Android OS. Third, there are different screen sizes which make it difficult for developers to optimize a single app for multiple types of hardware, screens sizes and user interfaces.

Although OS related fragmentation seems to fade-out soon because mobile makers are nowadays pushing updates to stay in the competition. But screen-size related fragmentation is still a major concern.

The reason why developers choose iOS over Android and others is simple to understand. Money matters for all, regardless of the type or size of an app development company. No money, no survival. iOS apps make handsome money, Android apps still don’t.




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