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21 Dec

Why Developers have now started to prefer Google Play Store over Apple AppStore

After all, many developers have now started to prefer Google Play store over the App Store, to implement their mobile apps. Of course, the debate that which one of them is the best has not over yet, but as the trends are going on, developers are seen lean towards Android apps and publishing these apps in Google Play store.

No doubt both Android and iOS have taken over almost the entire market. More than 98 percent of smartphones are today powered by both these platforms. Still, Android enjoys almost all the market share. Yes, nearly 85% of smartphone devices are running Android in as the core OS. iOS, on the other hand, still leads in terms of generating revenue.

So both the platforms are performing well at their places. But this leaves app developers confuse that which platforms are the best to implement an app. They frequently ask that which one between Android and iOS is the best platform for app implementation.

Let us vaporize all your doubts. As mentioned above, more and more developers are seen to lean towards Android platforms and Android application development to implement their mobile app ideas. There are certain reasons why Android is attracting businesses to launch Android application development projects for their businesses.

  • Google Play store rapidly publishes an app and related updatespublish-update

Google is a bit freethinker when it comes to publishing an app. Unlike Apple’s App Store, which may take several weeks in approving an app, Google Play store does it at the same day. Many apps are even approved and lived within hours. This helps app owners to rapidly make their apps available to their audiences. Also, they bother little about an incident rejection if they have followed the Android app development guidelines defined by users.

  • Google Play Store apps have better exposure

Experts have been observing and many of them have also established that their Android apps on Google Play Store are getting better exposure than their same apps on Apple’s App Store. The straight reason is the number of Android users. Because Android is running in every 85 smartphones out of 100, there are naturally more chances available for Android apps. Android devices are affordable which means people can easily buy these devices and have access to smartphone mobility and apps.

  • Android apps cost less


Now Android apps cost less in comparison of other apps. This is because of the overhead cost of the development. Still, there is a difference seen between the prices of the same apps found in iOS app stores and Google Play store.


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