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09 Feb

Why Android Apps Have Become Essential For Businesses?

android apps

Android, the touch-screen mobile OS launched by Google in 2008 has now become one the most preferred platforms with more than 84 percent of smartphones and 65 percent of tablet market shares. Rising popularity has also triggered developers to favor and recommend Android app development for implementing business apps. Businesses too are discovering the advantages of being on a platform like Android and connecting themselves to the world’s largest mobile user-base.

Android app development introduces a business to the actual benefits of going mobile – the widest area of coverage. Once you have an Android app ready, it can be published on Google Play Sore. Users can download the app to their devices and get connected to you, to your offerings. As of now, Google Play Store is hosting more than 2.4 million of applications – way more of Apple’s App Store and others. This is one easy example to understand why Android apps are popular and used by users all over the world.

If you need an Android app, there are many companies out there in software market who can help you in building apps the way you want. With assistance of a professional Android app development company, you can easily implement custom apps with cutting edge features that would boost up your business operations, better serve your customers and of course, increase the revenue too.

Nowadays, developing Android apps have become quite cost-effective. Almost all SMEs can afford it. Even the app development technologies have become flexible so that any business with moderate budget can go mobile and launch its app on Android platform. In fact Google has provided every tools and technology freely required in the development of Android application.

Also Android app development isn’t insecure now. As we know that the operating system has been infamous for malware but now, we no more hear about any such case. Google keeps tightening the loose-ends causing security issues to an app as well as to user-end devices.

The process of app development isn’t also too complex; it begins with a thorough research including several things like validating an idea, its demand in market, planning the process, creating mock-ups, generating quality graphics, coding, testing the end-product and submitting the app at Google Play Store for approval.

If your Android app itself is a product like a game, the entire process is supposed to cover marketing & promotion which may start either in the middle of the project development or in the last.

You can get an app implemented for a number of industries; from education to entertainment, to e-commerce, to travel & tourism, to hospitality, to restaurant, to video gaming, to utility and so on…


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