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02 Apr

What can be the cost an iOS app development?

The cost is the worthy considering aspect if you have plans of launching an iOS app development project. The second aspect is that you have a proper idea about the budget before commencing development. The cost of an iOS app development wholly depends on the types of apps you want to create.

cost iphone app develoment

To have a proper budget idea, you can read the market pulse and understand what kinds of apps are nowadays hitting the App Store. It will help you take your project towards right directions and avoid the chances of halting the progress because of sudden cost increases. Here a list is prepared to break down iOS application development cost:

Cost of table based applications

It is a rather easy to design and develop table based applications. The estimated cost for this type of app does not exceed from $1000-4000. Completing an iOS app development in this budget is only feasible if you have all content readily available. Table based applications can be concluded with minimalist approach and layout but as the requirements of the customer for additional features increase, the budget also increases. If these sorts of apps are designed with geo-location features or social media integration, budget is supposed to increase. Preview

Cost of apps using database

The native programming based iOS app development using database can cost between $8000-50,000. The cost is subject to be limited to this figure if all content, images, write-ups and sound to be added is already available. Design and development of such apps can be more complex at many levels. Because of these complexities, the overall cost can naturally be expected to be relatively higher. Of course database-based application can be a bit costlier, but they deliver flawless user-experience.


Game is the most popular iOS app genre and no doubt it is costlier. Also, in game development, the costliest one is iOS game development. As of estimation, Rovio Entertainment invested between $125,000-180,000 in creating the game Angry Birds. iOS game application development always costs more than the development of other types because only the competent and capable developers can successfully conclude games for iPhone mobile platform.

Last but not least, the overall iOS mobile application budget depends on the features you want to add to the final product. With increasing the number of features, the budget also increases.

If you are a new to enter in the development of iOS apps, the above mentioned aspects are going to be quite valuable for you. The rest depends on your sense of liability.