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01 Nov

What are the Advertising obstacles in Mobile Apps?

Mobile applications and advertising have a complicated relationship but they go hand in hand. There are loads of ads waiting to get your view and attention, much like you’re waiting to gain a view. The present market system is fragmented and it’s struggling to keep the pace with the technology. Marketers, developers and advertisers are trying to face the obstacles with advertising. Below are the 5 obstacles that developers face.


Insufficient resources

As they say, it takes money to make money. Investment of money leads you to the desired result. Most developers don’t have enough money and time to spend hence they lack behind. The more money you spend on mobile applications and advertising the less time it will take in development. If you need to boost your marketing effort you can even hire or outsource resources.

Lack of Proficiency

Proficiency is another common problem. Hiring the right expertise can be a difficult task to do. Outsourcing can be an option but it’s not cheap. Becoming an expert need skills and time, without having enough time you can’t grow.

Countless Ads Networks

Entries of too many ad networks makes it difficult to manage the ad campaign. If you want to run your ad campaign, you’ve got to choose from numerous networks. Making a choice can be a tricky task to do. The more ad networks present in front of you the more difficult choice it will be.  One way of getting over with this difficulty is to aggregation tools.

Too much tracking

Mobile marketing is hard to understand. Analyzing all the data takes time and makes the task complicated. It’s hard to compose numerous metrics from multiple campaign. Without having a visibility to visualize data it’s hard to enumerate and know where exactly are you spending.

Failure to determine ROI

Calculating ROI can be difficult when you’re running too many ad networks and not knowing what returns you are getting. Keeping a track of ROI is a must as it is a difficult thing to do. Aggregation tools is the solution to solve these obstacles

With limited resources and expertise available it can be a difficult task to evaluate customer’s lifetime value or return on investment, but with the help of tools like that provide solution to the obstacles and you can stay motivated.

Author Bio: Aaron is a content marketer who working as a writer at a development firm and used to write content for iPhone app development Singapore. A writer by day, reader by night. Aaron has more than 10 years’ experience in writing and internet marketing.


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