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02 Dec

Top Hacks Helping You Monetize Your App

The very first question to hit the minds of those who want to venture into mobility is:  How to monetize an app.

We are going to discuss about the monetization with respect to free apps. But before you – a developer to pick advertisement as the method of generating revenue, make sure you are not distracting user-engagement by showing more than enough advertisements. Many mobile app developers are found with no clues to make a balance between showing ads and keeping user-experience intact.


This post is an attempt to provide best suitable answers for the question how to monetize an app. It takes accounts of the best of the hacks and tricks that have been helping developers around the world in monetization of their apps. Let’s get into this –

When a developer creates an app and tries to monetize it, he / she often doesn’t have sufficient information about the ad format that delivers best results.

As the rule of thumb, you are supposed to perform an A/B testing for various ad formats and their placement and then to choose the best one of them that generates highest revenue against traffic.

What you should do –

There are multiple of ad formats and they all keep confusing developers about choosing particular ones and leaving others. Some developers, with trial and error, have learned that the best combination of showing ads is full screen with videos ads. It proves to be effective and revenue-generating. It is seen quite rewarding than the tradition banners.

The placement timing of ads also matters. Full screen advertisement can be showed up on leveling up while the video ads can be displayed a bit after the game play. Don’t allow videos ads longer than 15 minutes.

What data do I need to pay attention on?

You need to pay attention on the dashboard of your analytics that provide you valuable data in real time, in most of the cases. You can also get the data availed from ad networks and mediation networks as per your requirements.

What you should do –

But the more you have data, the more things turn out to be complicated. You would not like spending all your time in understanding the data and then strategizing your actions. Focus on a single dashboard and all of its important metrics, instead.

What is the way to get competitive edge?

Not all sorts of advertisements work well. Mobile app developers will need intense research on the advertising working well with their gaming category, instead.

What you should do –

Though no real time-saving hack has been found so far, it’s also not difficult to understand. What you can do is to copy those similar apps which are performing well. This is one good free resource trough which you can have the best idea about the ad format implementation.


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