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21 Apr

Top 5 Sources Enterprise Apps are Coming From

When there is merely a talk over setting up a formal enterprise mobile strategy or sharing just an idea enabling business-processes with applications, you might think you would need a number of specialized apps. Right at that moment when you think of specialized apps, you may also think of the headache that would be experienced with developing these apps and then integrating them with your existing systems as well as for the amounts of money and time you would require investing.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. When considering about your app strategy, it aids to think holistically about all of the app options which are already available.

The apps that are already on your phone

in built apps

Almost all smartphone devices have got host of apps which can be used  for enterprise purposes. Email client, address book and calendar are the names to few of them. They have been around forever. Now imagine things without them. This is why mobility and apps are turning out the vital for every single company.

Software as a Service


In the beginning SaaS based mobile solutions and services were seen in shadow. There were fewer people/organizations that believed on SaaS based mobility but now see how many companies with their SaaS based systems are performing well. Box, Salesforce, Office 365 are the names to a few of them.

The greatness of these services is that they all are mobile-enabled by default. Even if mobility wasn’t the initial target, more and more SaaS products are now being created to mobile devices.

Legacy software giants

Many tech giants really took too long to realize that they need to get comfortable with mobile technology. IBM for examples made a big splash with their Mobile First partnership with Apple in 2014. Also SAP pushed Fiori as a means to mobilize apps.  Even Oracle now has more than 100 iPhone apps in the store. So Legacy system giants are also moving towards mobility.

“Faster and simpler” custom apps


There are occasions when enterprise-executives need simple apps in hurry but the regular process of enterprise app development takes its natural time. Thank god there are a number of vendors which aim to provide easier app building tools.  Some of these tools includes mobile app development platforms (MADP), rapid mobile app development platforms (RMAD), mobile back-end as a service (MBaaS), “low-code” or “no code” app creating tools (some with drag and drop WYSIWYG editors), workflow apps, citizen developer platforms, micro apps, database front-ends like FileMaker or Citrix Secure Forms, and customizable app starter templates from software vendors. Many apps are coming from these sources.

Custom app created out the native process

Last but not least. There are many dedicatedly designed apps for enterprises and most of them are created out the the native app development process. Apps for critical and specific business operations need custom development. The method that best supports customization is native app development.




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