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14 Jun

Top 3 Ways To Popularize Android Apps

Android is turning out to be a profitable platform for smartphones and tablet PCs. Android also has leading position in the global smartphone market with 52 percent market share recorded in January 2019.

Today, Android users have 2.6 million apps and the OS is running in more than 85% smartphones as well as more than 28% tablets over the world.

Google Play is hosting about 2,660,599 apps and hundreds of new ones are published daily. But it does not mean that all the apps in the store are equally popular. There are a handful of applications that are really doing well, and rest of them hardly gets even a respect number of downloads.

Suggested are the ways to make Android app popular among users:

Make a marketing plan and keep parallel with the development

Many developers have a tendency of thinking about marketing of the app only after developing and launching it. You know what you are going to do and you know how the app will function. If you know every thing about your app, why don’t you make a marketing plan for the beginning of the campaign?

Early start to the marketing campaign will help you would be able to arrange sufficient popularity for the time you will actually release the app.

Make the SEO strategy for Google Play Page

Yes, it is search engine optimization. After publishing the app, you have the URL of the app page to start your SEO campaign. You need to optimize this page to make it search engine friendly. However, you have limited things to do here. All you can do is focus more and more on quality content. Make such content that tells the entire story behind the app. Do not use too many keywords and key phrases. You can write blogs, articles and social media story and post them on relevant sites.

Make the icon memorable so that users can easily remember it. Use high resolutions images and HD videos to be posted on the page of app on stores.

Involve you people to popularize the app

The last step to popularize an Android application is that you involve all your friends, family and employees in the campaign. Ask them to download, rate and review the application. You also ask your employees and friends to positively review the app as more positive reviews will naturally attract more users to buy the app. Ask them to give 5-star rating. Also keep your eye on negative reviews and resolve the related issues in time.