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18 Dec

The Unseen Sides of Mobile App to be Revealed in 2016

Companies around the world are seeing ways to enter market with smart gadgets. We are also seeing changing trends in mobile application development. The technology of mobile apps has gone beyond our imagination; smaller handheld devices are able to scale their experience equal to large-sized PCs. We have also seen how mobile web usages took over regular PC based web usages and in result pushed million dollar trade too.

mobile app development

More and more people now use apps for all their computing requirements. It’s expected that the app download will reach 200 billion by 2017 while revenue will shoot up to $63.5 billion. In short, mobile application development has taken the world by storm and it’s happening everywhere in the world.

However, the economic recession is still hurting the global market but, mobile application development industry hardly seems being affected with it. As a historical turning point, the app economy was valued $53 billion in 2012, and in 2016, it is expected to reach $143 billion. On the flip side, there is still lack of meaningful business apps which is of course limiting the growth of mobile application development industry. But it will not cause any major harm because millions of developers are setting themselves to become the part of mobile app world.

TechCrunch says more than 80% of adult internet users do have their own smartphones which are of course generating more than 50% of web traffic. The value of apps has now begun to mater to not only individual users but also to business users. Businesses around the world are smartly positioning their apps, transforming themselves and seeing these apps as a massive channel of distributions. Stores are flooding with apps; think of an app and it’s now already available, or can be developed by developers.

Unveiling the Unseen Side of Mobile Application Development:

Advanced implementations

Developers are trying to implement all possible things in their upcoming app developments which are aimed at both individual and business users.

The cloud

Cloud is becoming center of attraction. It has not yet been touched to its half of potential. There are immense scopes available with cloud based software implementation. With cloud, mobile application development can be accessed on multiple devices without compromising in features, functions and appearance.

The era of Wearable Devices had begun.

The power of smart wearable devices is visible to us all. They are the part of next generation mobile application development strategies. Developers are seeing multitude of possibilities with smart wearable device app developments.

Augmented Reality is getting acceleration.

Augmented Reality has been there for so long but with mobile devices, and app technologies have become easy to adopt at consumer level. Games, utility tools, navigation systems and various others sorts of apps are being implemented around the concept of augmented reality.


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