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26 May

The Top Trends for Startups Launching An iOS App

There are tons of iOS apps available for iPhone and iPad devices. Of course they all are brought in to app stores by businesses, startups and organizations which either want to sell their app itself, or through it, or to provide information through it for marketing and better placement of brand to audience.

ios app development trends

In either case, an app over iOS powered platforms is such a strong and fruitful channel as the same app over other platforms or any channels other than the smartphone mobility can hardly replace it.

Let’s check top third-party iOS apps that users generally download in their phones or tabs. Apps like Finger Spinner, Snapchat, YouTube, Messenger, Instagram, Ballz, Facebook, Bitmoji, Google Mpas, Gmail, Spotify Music, Waze, Uber, Clash of Clans, Netflix WhatsApp, Spinner vs. Monsters, Amazon, and Pinterest are the apps in iOS store, US to receive highest number of downloads as of

We all know how much popular are these apps and we can see them in almost all iOS devices. But, what if these apps had not been introduced to iOS? Of course they would have missed a big slice of their fortune. The iOS version of the app Clash of Clans, for example, generated a gross revenue of 2,013,452, including in app purchases and purchase prices of the app, between April 26 and May 25 2017, according to

This is one big example showing iOS app generates way more revenue than any of its counterparts, in any form.

Did this data inspire you to have your app that can do similar to Clash of Clans? How about making a clone of Clash of Clans and start making revenue with an ease? If this is what you are thinking than hold it because it’s not the way you can become a successful app startup. Copying others isn’t the way.

Clash of Clans is one game which has succeeded to this level. Something similar to this and even a clone may hardly be able to achieve even a single percent of what Clash of Clans achieves daily.

If you have plans to begin with an iOS app based startup, let me bring top app categories into light which are attracting a lot of app startups, developers and investor these days.

# Gaming apps – 25% of 2.2 million iOS apps fall into gaming app category. This proves that companies and investors are really looking toward iOS gaming apps to generate big revenue as Supercell Oy is generating with gaming apps Clash of Clans.

# Business – iOS’ second leading app category hosting 9.88% of all apps is the business category. However, these apps are generally specific to operations of particular organization or business and customized to serve them productively, as per their processes and procedures, but many companies coming up with ready-made solutions which are made available to the businesses in need of rapidly powering their workforce with mobility. SaaS is one very popular term for this type of business model.

Customer management system, HR management system, inventory management system, ERP software, project management software etc are some of types of SaaS solutions which many businesses are now investing in to launch their SaaS solutions over mobile platform.

# Education – The education category hosts 8.47% of all iOS apps. Key types of  such apps include playful learning like games, ebook, workbooks/worksheet, puzzles & traditional games, interactive encyclopedias, BYOC (build you own content) for kids.

Startup having backgrounds in education, learning and teaching can invest in these types of apps to enter the world of mobility.

# Lifestyle – The lifestyle category hosts 8.36% of all apps and the key types are fitness and fitness games, cooking, recipe and online food ordering apps, e-wallets, personal finance manager, price comparison and shopping apps, rout planner apps, etc.

# Entertainment – The entertainment app category has 6.12% of all the apps available on the App Store and their top types include video and music streaming, image editing, face changer, ticket booking, several other apps.

Now we come to the trends what should startup focus on while getting their app built. As of the current trends, here are the top areas where a startup owners most concentrate while implementing an app:


Consider using augmented reality (AR) and virtual realty (VR) functionalities in your app. Users are attracted toward the app using these features. Gaming apps already have huge potential in AR technology and many are already using it. Pokemon go is the latest example of  AR based game. Soon after its release in July, the game took the world by storm. AR technology is also expected to see similar growth.


App transport security has turned out to be necessary for iOS apps.  Apple itself is boosting its built-in security features with every new launch of iOS powered devices. We will see stronger and more secure data encryption methodologies being implemented to iOS apps.

Swift Coding

Up until now, iOS apps are built using the object-oriented programming language Objective-C but, as Apple has launched its own programming technology — Swift — for iOS and Mac application developments, more and more iOS apps are being built with it. Make sure your iOS app is based on Swift programming technologt.

Cloud-Driven Mobile Apps

Everyone – from users to tech-experts – have learned the advantaged of cloud technologies. Most of the users want rapid connectivity to an app. An app, to live up to such expectations of users – need powerful connectivity to database and take less space in user’s devices. Cloud technology facilitates iOS app developers to build an app with these features. As of Cisco research, apps using cloud technologies will boost 90% of mobile data traffic by 2019.

Wearable Devices

Last but not least, make sure you are not ignoring wearable technologies if you app idea does have any of such scopes. Companies are introducing a number of wearable devices and most of them work in sync with smartphones. If you are launching an app, you must consider about its wearable version too.


So when launching an iOS app development, businesses need to stay aware of the latest technologies and trends driving the Apple’s iOS ecosystem. Going by these trends will help businesses come up with an app which have certain chances of doing well on the App Store.


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