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24 Aug

The Top m-Learning App Features for Preparatory, Examination and Assessment


Mobile apps that offer online study materials are getting enough attention these days. These online preparatory, examination and assessment solutions as e-commerce apps are turning out to be an excellent tool for filling the gap between the time that needs in reaching the right information and then learning it.  Apart from apps, these m-learning solutions can also be created as the e-learning websites, for desktop and laptops PCs.

These apps serving online courses can be created for a number of businesses or organizations, from colleges to schools to training institutes to companies and so on. M-learning apps can also be created for competitive and job-oriented exam related courses and e-learning website. Smart analytics can be added to them to make your learn about the behavior of learners and to make enhancements accordingly.

Providing flexible learning

  • E-learning apps provide flexible learning. They can be developed to provide flexible learning which goes suit the learning capabilities of students. Flexibility encourages learners learn at their convenience.
  • Apps can have features to create tailored self-study plans as per the needs of learners.
  • They can be scheduled for the tests as per the availability of learner.
  • Students may buy the specific course-modules instead of buying the whole subject material.
  • Also learners can have facility to bookmark the important topics or points anytime in the middle of a course to learn later.

Well organized and systematized presentation of content

  • Content can be structured in way that remains according to requirements of exam, subjects and modules.
  • School, college, or a training center providing a course can easily add any number of courses, subjects and exams and training contents. Also they change and update the courses with new modules.
  • The app can be made in a way so that the existing content can be digitized in the desired digital formats. If there is the content which has not yet been digitized, the app will support from simplest to complex formats for the rapid digitization of such content.
  • It can provide content in creative ways using multimedia integrations such as audio, video, animation, pdf, etc. Providing content interactively creates engagement and helps learners easily gain knowledge of respective topics / subjects.
  • Every question and the connecting answer are provided with the best possible details so that nothing important is left behind.

Fully ready to be applied for online examinations

  • The app can be developed with the feature of online examination.
  • The app can the feature to deliver immediate results of examinations.
  • They can have the feature of scheduling and rescheduling of tests..
  • Reminders about periodic auto test also be added.

High-End Detailed Graphical Assessment

  • It can offer intelligent analytics vua interactive and easily understandable graphics.
  • The app admin may have feature to analyze learners’ behavior  learners in the app.
  • Performance can be compared with respect to other users
  • Improvements in performance over the time can be checked.
  • It can also suggest the areas where learners have to put all their focus .

Community platform for sharing knowledge and question-answering

  • The feature to post questions, get answers and important information from the other participants can be added.
  • It can also have features to take exam with friends and peer-to-peer comparison can be made available.
  • The online discussion and chatting for parent-teacher and employer-employee can also be added.
  • It can be added with daily notifications to the mobile phones of parents.

Functions and features supporting school, college, institute or organization

  • These m-learning apps can also have time-table, and syllabus-plan interface and several other things.
  • It can be added with features for managing newsletters, albums, events, virtual counseling dynamically and online.

With extended features these can manage the attendances of student attendance of students, teachers and other employees, trainers, various subscriptions to the course, result and course related certificate.