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22 Sep

The Top 5 Health, Medical and Fitness Apps Rated By Doctors

Modern technologies are now available in their easiest form. See these fancy phones coming with software and hardware which have made them nothing less than full-fledged PCs. In fact, they are themselves PCs only but in a more personalized way.

top 5 Health, Medical and Fitness Apps Rated By Doctors

These phones are known as smartphone and, since they have been brought in to us, they are touching every aspect of our lives. Health, medical and fitness are some of them.

Smartphone mobility is totally based on apps. If you need doing something on your phone, download specific apps for that and, you are ready to go.  There are plenty of apps for health, medical and fitness purposes.

So what are those apps? Let me limit this post to the best apps available on the leading app stores like Google Play and App Store. Here we go.


Weight Watchers Mobile

weight watchers mobile

The app Weight Watchers Mobile leads you living healthier and more active life. If you have OnlinePlus or Meeting subscription, you can also post your pictures, share victories, and get inspiration from others. You can also track your weight as well as follow your progress with freshly designed tracker. You can add your favorite food to the recipe builder and can rapidly track multiple items from your Favorites, MY Food and Recently Added.

White Noise

white noise

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, White Noise is a health & fitness app that helps you have a better sleeping by blocking distractions. It relaxes and reduces stress. It even pacifies fussy and crying babies. If  you want to enhance your focus, this app may help you. If you often have headaches or migraines, soothing sound in this app may you peace…

Lose It!

lost it

As the name itself suggests, “Lose It!” is the best app available for weight loss. It provides world’s most fun and effective weight loss program. Set your goal and track the food you love to lose weight. It’s simple to lose weight with Lose It!

First Aid

first aid
First Aid is the app by American Red Cross. The app is here to provide the expert advices for everyday emergencies. The app provides interactive quizzes and videos and simple step-by-step advice for emergencies and accidents.


run keeper

Run Keeper is a Fitness App for both Android and iOS powered devices. When you download and start using the app, you become the part of community helping people to get out of the door and stick with running forever. The app lets users track exercise, set goals, sweat and see progress along the way.

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