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08 Dec

The Top 5 Apps You Should Have While Traveling In the USA

Which are the best travel apps in the USA? If you are traveling to the USA, which apps will provide the most responsive support? Here, this blog shares info about the top 5 apps most of the travelers going to the USA use in their devices. Let’s begin.



If you need an app to organize all your itineraries and documents while traveling, there is nothing better than TripIt. The TripIt app can do more than your imagination. When you need to view information about several things while traveling, TripIt can do it for everything; from travel confirmation to flight itineraries, to booking information of Airbnb tickets, rental car reservation, and ferry to the directions for driving.

Also, the app allows users to share their trip plans with whoever are picking them and with anyone who needs to coordinate with them or to know what their travel plans are.

The app is available on Android and iOS.

Google Trips – Travel Planner

google trip planner

Google Trips is another best travel planner app available in app-stores. It has got a lot of potential to store and organize all your travel information. Also, it offers customized tours, guides and maps once you arrive on your destination. It  shows you several restaurants and / monument that are near to your hotel. The Google Trips app collects all the information from your Gmail account and  stores it offline so that users can access it without Wi-Fi.

This app is available on both Android and iOS devices.


packaing planner

If you are traveling across roads, Raodtrippers is best travel apps in the USA. It helps you plan out your entire route along with booking hotels. The is  quite useful for finding interesting and several unseen places. You can find the best restaurants in an area and unique spots that you can bookmark.

The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

Packing Pro

package pro

When your plans are settled and you are ready to start packing your bags, Packing Pro is the app that will help you organize all your stuff in the best way. You need to tell the app about the duration of your trip, about the destination and what weather is supposed to be like. Also let the app know other information like whether you will be able to access the washing machine or not or if you are going to be swimming there. Now the app will suggest you a tentative list of clothing, footwear and several other necessities.

The Packing Pro app ($2.99) is only available for Apple devices.



Skiplagged is the last in our list but not least. Yes, this app does come packed with several features. Use the app for booking flights tickets, room in hotels and find every deal at the best rates possible. It delivers clear and concise search results and does that in very user-friendly way. The app comes with several nifty filters making booking of services easier.

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