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11 Apr

The Top 4 Reasons To Use HTML5 For Mobile App

The web standard HTML5 is here since a while and has been prepared to be used in mobile application development. If you have been ignoring to go HTML5 technology for mobile app, let me help you count the top of its benefits.

html5 mobile apps

Flexibility – HTML5 is quite flexible and mobile app developers are learning that how this flexibility can simplify the development of mobile apps. The key benefit of this web standard is the cross-platform support. It means it abides by the concept of WORA (write once, run anywhere). A single code base can be used to create apps for multiple mobile platforms and mobile website based on HTML5 will work on all the browsers.

Updates and accessibility: Because major part of the app is based on web technologies like JavaScript, CSS3 along with HTML5, it is never installed natively in a mobile device. In some cases, a native wrapper hosted on apps stores which can be downloaded and installed on devices. By using browser engine the native wrapper provides access to the web part. Here users never need to care whether the app is updated or not because major updates happen to the web part which is just like website.

Uses devices features – With enhanced supports web standards based mobile apps can also utilize the native features of modern devices. GPS and camera are major ones of them. So now app developers can design and develop mobile apps around native features of devices.

Design Freedom: When designing HTML5 based apps, developers have all the freedom to whatever they want to do. Also users will not be affected if you do anything new to the app. They will also need to go by the store-rules as they do not apply on web apps.




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