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17 Aug

The Top 3 Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers While Launching Apps

Programming isn’t the hardest part of a mobile application development. If developers have plans, they would go by it. The hardest part is actually converting the developed app into a successful product that attracts users and of course, generates revenue too.

If it’s  your first mobile application development, you will learn about the most common challenges faced in the process. These challenges generally appear when developers launch the app and try to figure out what solutions will work the best.

So what exactly these challenges are? Here the three big but the most commonly encountered challenges:

Are you creating a unique app?


App market is filled with big challenges. The two big players – Android and iOS – have more than 4 million apps in combine. So the competition is tough and it turns out to be tougher when a lot of other apps similar to one you are planning are already available. Your mobile application development has to be different and has unique set of features to beat the competition.

What’s the way to do so?

No one shares the secret because there is no secret. You have to learn it on your own that how top-list apps climbed the success of ladder. You have to pay attention on thorough study of those apps which have been doing well in your niches. You have to identify your specific group of users. You have to identify the purpose of your app and remain focused on it. You have to use all apps by competitors in details and find out the weakest things which you can improve in your application.

Does the app monetize? 


Almost all apps are aimed at making money. The true success is evaluated once app is making money for its developer. So if your app has a lot of users but it’s not making good money, it needs to some serious work out.

What’s the way to do so?

You have to decide on a revenue model that best suits your app type.  There are more than one model for app to generate revenue. If you are creating  a game app, choosing freemium will be the right decision. App with this model can be downloaded for free but to use advanced features, users have to pay some amount. So, research well before choosing a model and it will depend on what app type you have.

Do you have a promotion & marketing strategy?


No one is going to have a dream that your app is available on the store. So what you have to do is take help of marketing platforms that let people know that your app is out there in market. In fact apps, which have turned successful, are all about 10% development and 90% about marketing. Even a most fantastic app will fail if it’s promoted.

What’s the way to do so?

Promotion and marketing do not happen just by turning on a switch. It takes a lot of efforts. Often time you have to put yourself in your users’ shoes. Why would one download or pay for your app unless it offers better than the best? You need to grab the attention of users and inform them properly that why they should care about your app. Also, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are the best social platforms to promote an application among mass.



  • Ola Rybacka

    Thanks for informing us on Twitter about this fantastic article – these tips are essential when launching your app!
    Especially this part of promotion and marketing strategy.
    Ola Rybacka, Social Media Manager at TimeCamp

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