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06 Apr

The mistakes startups make in hiring mobile app developers

You have an app startup idea and, you want to hire developers to realize it. This is a welcome move because things are really going mobile and almost all businesses are providing their offerings through apps. But, how many of them will succeed? I suppose only a handful of businesses do really get the true benefits of mobile app development and rest ones end up with an app, which does not live up to their expectations.

mistake in hiring developers

What goes wrong so that an app fail? The big mistake businesses do and then experience failure is hiring a development company, which –

– has no prior experience in your industry. Don’t let your app be a guinea pig in the hands of those developers who do not have enough experience in creating apps like yours. If you know that developers don’t have sufficient industrial experience pertaining to your app-type and still you hire it, consider you are going to meet failure at the end of the day. For avoiding this situation, do proper research that whether the mobile app developer has any relevant experience or not.

– shows more interest in taking the project in place of understanding the actual requirements. A development company seems to behave like this isn’t worth hiring at all. An experienced developer is one which shows all its interest in getting more and more details from you, not instantly quoting the budget without giving requisite time to understand your project.

– can go to the lowest rates possible to get the project. You will find many developers, particularly freelancers, who are ready to go to any low price limits to get a project. Now if you hire a company on the basis of lowest cost, consider your app, as an end-product, will be nothing but a cookie cutter solution. It’s recommended you prefer quality over cost and to know the quality services, all you have to do is look at the portfolio of the developer.

– offers the most expensive services in the industry. You need to keep balance because you would not want to see your project being hampered because of the cost. Maybe, the over budget of the app hinder the project in the middle.

– does not plan the budget before development. Don’t hire a company which itself is not clear what will be budget of the whole project. Knowing the budget will help you control your expenses and avoid overspending. So don’t hire this type of company, too.

– does not offer the best of ways to stay touch with it. A developer merely uses emailing for communication will not be able to satisfy its clients. It will take too much efforts and time to make things clear only via emailing. In many cases, clients want to directly speak with team about what he or she wants but emailing isn’t a way to do that. Confirm it in the beginning that the developer you want to hire does interact through all popular mediums like chatting, Skype calling, phone, and email.

If a mobile app development company is spotted with the above mentioned negative attributes, it’s recommended that you don’t hire it.