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25 May

The impacts of IoT enabled mobile app development

The technology of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the key trend in the tech world. People love to use apps that let them automate and wirelessly control appliances / gadgets in homes and offices. IoT apps can even control several features of their cars.

Growing demand of the IoT has also captured the attention of the mobile app developers. They are now exploring the opportunities in implementing mobility in the area.  Actually, mobile devices have come to the core in the IoT industry because of being handy and portable. They are powerful enough to serve as the main interface to make IoT practically be possible and useful.

We all have great dependencies on mobiles and apps. They are touching every aspect of life and are above of all forms of technologies available. People living in urban areas now own smart devices and tablets. They really have dependencies on these devices and apps for a lot of purposes. It’s why because these smart devices come with more than enough power, easy accessibility to the web, and various apps. These features make smart devices eligible to provide a solid base to the technology for the Internet of Things.

The apps for IoT and several gadgets and devices have given people, entrepreneur and enterprise to have the vision of smart home, smart cities, connected machines, and vehicles. Indeed, smart mobile, tablets, watches, and head-mounted displays are here to serve as the main interface between users and the applications IoT. Together smart mobility and IoT let people easily interact with a variety of devices.

The smart mobility offers numerous connectivity choices like Cellular Network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, etc. Apart from these choices, smart mobility also comes with various sensors as default. All these connectivity choices make smart mobility an ideal platform for IoT application development.

A report by Gartner suggests that the world will have more than 13.5 billion IoT enabled devices by 2020. This will happen for sure! The rapid revolution in IoT technologies and acceptance of device based on IoT technologies as well as their concavity smart mobility will make it happen.

Also, we will see that businesses are implementing IoT applications for their customers and employees.

IOT WILL CHANGE BUSINESSES. Here is how it will happen —

Managers will know where everything is at all times.


The most successful businesses are those, which keep track of everything they do their business with. Until recently, the barcode tracking has been the most advanced form of tracking materials, but it has also been experiencing issues related to scanning, pricing discrepancies, and label damage.

But an IoT system can integrate every equipment, device, and product into a single network. It makes inventory management and tracking quite easier and intuitive.

Business will need keeping track of more data.


When numerous devices are connected to the internet through mobility, they will open the floodgates to more data which is coming from multiple channels. Here businesses are required to put better tracking, management, and security features into practice to handle the data carefully. They will have depth metrics for customer-behaviors, employees and, work and how your business operates.

Things will move faster.

When IoT is in the action, things really run smoothly. And these things can be anything; from your AC to the car, to traffic signals on the road, to your window’s curtains, to the refrigerator, to the power-socket next to your TV—they are controllable from apps via the internet, even from hundreds of miles away. This just removes the requirements of personally going to a place to begin the action. Things can be controlled without even with restrictions of distance, time, and place.

Cheaper Energy and investment costs

IoT can make machines to work swiftly.  They will not need unexpected investment in their maintenance procedures caused by mishandlings. The bottom line is that with an IoT enabled system can make a business’s machine-operations cheaper.

Productivity will improve


IoT enabled businesses will run their processes and procedures more productively, with decreasing expanses. No doubt, business will initially have to make big investments in upgrading all your devices, but you will pay less to employees later and produce more out the whole operation.