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16 Nov

The best tips to ensuring high quality in your mobile app development

Do you own a business app that excites no one and, think that you are certainly lacking at the promotion or marketing portion? If yes then think it again because good products do not require big marketing / promotion budgets to get attention of users.  Various channels provide it free publicity and ultimately turn it successful, instead.

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It happens only when an app carries certain qualities – qualities that attract everyone to use and talk about it, but all mobile app developers cannot bring these qualities, at least those who have newly entered the world of mobile app development. Many professional developers and development companies, after working for several years in the mobile app development industry, have shared some practical tips ensuring top-quality in mobile apps.

Be skillful with all platforms

It is seen that developers favoring particular platform over others. This favoritism can also be seen in the quality of their work. But it’s not the way. A developer supposed to have the best of the skills and understanding towards all the platforms in trend. Because all leading platforms are in trends, no one can be compromised for other one. Users like all and thus an app should be deployed to all too. Also, clients should be convinced to implement an app to all the popular platforms.

Don’t compromise performance for analytics

Many app owners and even developers are seen more interesting in collecting useful information than providing services to users. This temptation hurts. The more you need information, the more you will need user’s personal data. Many users do not want to use an app accessing their photo gallery, contacts, and GPS while its basic functionality is to extract zip files or to compress videos.

Keep things scaled, already.

Keep the app scaled while designing. Keep it ready when it would turn out to be popular and be used by thousands of concurrent users. If you have implemented the best UI & UX and have processed your mobile app development project with a deep-researched strategy, there are chances it would become popular. But if you have missed scaling the app with huge data distribution in mind, it will fail to bear with heavy traffic of users.

Build Native US Last for Cross-Platform Apps

A large number of apps are based on cross platform approaches, which makes sense if you also want your app to be accessible to the mass-audience. Save time and efforts by modeling the programming logic off as local web services and creating native UI last.

Avoid Redundant Tracking

It’s been found highly problematic to go overboard with tracking. With repetitive and redundant tracking, it turns out to be harder to maintain the underlying code as your company expands and evolves.