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20 Oct

The 5 Must-have Features in Android Apps

The rising market share of Android OS, among both smartphone and tablet users, keep encouraging more individuals and businesses to enter the mobile world with their Android app development ideas. Of course there are tons of opportunities available for people turning out to be a full-time app entrepreneur and generate revenue.

But there are a handful of individual Android developers or Android app development companies that know about the actual features driving success.  This article is an effort to light on all those things that ensure one’s chance to win in Android app development. Here we go –

Let an app do things in minimum taps

shortrennig process

The more you increase the number of taps to do a task, the more app’s user-experience turns out to be tedious. And as we know, no one likes to do tedious things particularly when it comes to using apps. The UX needs to be well-researched to cut the additional steps. Make sure you or your development team understands that.

Let user customize the app


People want to use a product they can personalize as per their requirements. Same applies on Android apps too. Fortunately, Android as an app open source OS offers a lot of freedom to make desired customizations and thus Android app too can be made with customizable features. In fact minimum custom features like changing font type, app color and privacy setting can be added to almost all app.

Let users login to the app with social media accounts

social login

In many apps users are required to login but the traditional login process which requires user inputting their name, email ID, phone number, etc and then mail verification seems to be pretty much boring. Mobile is a quick device. A few taps give access to the web and a lot of other services. Keeping this rapidity in mind, the login to app also needs rapidity, with less number of steps. The way is you implement social login. You can choose Google, Facebook and Twitter for this purpose.

Let users feedback your app and make sure you promptly respond to user-feedback.

When it comes to feedback a product, no one better than actual users can do that. They can judge it without being prejudice. This is why you need allowing users to feedback the app after using and experiencing it. Their  feedback will help you learn about good and bad in your app but do not get relaxed by good reviews and do not also be discouraged by the bad ones. All you have to do is to keep making your app more perfect, instead. Every single review / comment may be the source of inspiration so learn from them and implement the requested changes / additions to your app.

Analyze user behavior with analytics and then make changes


Last but not the least – keep track of how users are behaving and where you suddenly lose them. Is there any app screen most the users are bouncing from?  It’s what we say analyzing and then making changes based on the data collected from the analysis. Do not forget to add this feature to your app too.

These are some good features you can initiate building great apps with. They aren’t costly or do not require much investment. All they require is your partnership with an Android developer who understands the true art of creating apps for Android platform.


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