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15 Jul

Need Growth in Business? Go for Android Application Development

Smartphones also need OS like desktops and laptops. An OS enables smartphones performing multiple functions; even those tasks for which PCs are preferred. Now smartphones are powered by different operating systems, and the major ones are–Android, iOS, and Windows. Among all of them, Android is the most popular. The OS has become a major platform to […]

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30 May

8 Reasons Why Android Application Development Is Required For Your Business

Android – it’s unavoidable now. With more than 80 percent market share, Android has gone too far from competitor mobile operating systems like iOS and Windows. Same is the case with Android apps. Google Play Store hosts more than 2 million apps and 6.5 % of them belong to business category. There are 7% entertainment […]

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24 Dec

Things that Android Can Do and iPhone Can’t

Business Insider gave pretty good reasons why Android is a better choice over iPhone. No more space An iPhone will not let you expand the memory. 16GB variant of iPhone cannot have 32GB of storage. For more memory you have no choice but to buy new iPhone with larger storage space. But most of the […]

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