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Custom Restaurant Mobile App Solution

We are witnessing a rapid change in consumer restaurant experience – thanks to mobile app products and services aimed at improving the experience of ordering food online. There are excellent solutions for ordering, paying, reserving … everything except smelling and tasting.  New mobile technologies have hit the market and are making a splash recently. So which side does your restaurant stand in this giant shift?

At MobilMindz we try to make sense of these new technologies. We offer a complete range of solutions to take your restaurants online. These solutions fit the current restaurant trends. We know how to make the consumer restaurant experience simpler and more fluid…


Features that a Restaurant App can have

  • Easy browsing and  selection of menus
  • Showcase all food variants in the list
  • Easy back-end control to manage orders
  • Tracking of order progress
  • Order review for customers.
  • Categorize other restaurant in chain
  • List all the items offers by the restaurant
  • Location-enabled to detect the location of customers
  • Multiple ways to pay online
  • Filter option to narrow the search

Home Screen

The list of all the restaurants / menus and their categories. Scroll down to explore more in the queue.



Locations Features

It may be location enabled. It means customers will not need to put their or restaurant’s details while placing an order.

Categorized list of items

The categorized list of all the meals offered by particular restaurant. Here, each of the items show their price and can be added to the cart.



Sorting and Filter Options

Allow your customers to arrange food items by popularity, distance, delivery time, rating and minimum order accepted. They can even narrow down the list of food items by applying filter on Price range.

View Cart

View summay of all the items added to the cart here along with Total Payable amount. If you are fine with the items added, you can confirm by clicking on ‘Checkout’.



View Orders

Customers can view the status and progress of their orders from delivery to dispatch here. Also, single-tap reordering features can be added to app so that customers will not need to search the same items again and again.

Order Tracking

Let your customers track any of their orders right here from placing an order to confirming it, to preparing, dispatching and delivery.