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22 Dec

Reasons why investment in enterprise apps is decreasing

The power of mobile apps cannot be underrated now – whether it’s for causal use or for enterprise operations. However, many organizations have started to scale back their spending on enterprise app development as a Gartner’s survey revealed. The demand of enterprise apps has not decreased but because many apps have failed at generating considerable value against investment, businesses appear indifferent to add huge investments anymore.


The survey by Gartner also mentioned that although businesses launching app in Asia Pacific, Europe and America have said to increase spending on enterprise app development by 31 percent but it would not be more than 10 percent of the total budget assigned for the development of applications. It’s clearly a decrease of 2 percent from last year’s investments made on app.

On the other hand many enterprises we interacted with revealed that they have all their focus on mobility these days. For them Gartner says that there is no deny from the increasing demand but enterprises have not succeeded to find value against the investments on the enterprise app development projects they have made so far. They are mostly those apps which are implemented for internal operations.

Another big problem noted was that many businesses are focusing on creating apps from scratch which at the end, increases budget and requires considerable time and may also create several integration issues. But businesses can stay away of this situation by focusing more on off-the-shelf solutions, instead.

Gartner’s suggestion for these hurdles is that businesses should focus on implementing an enterprise app in layers such as front-end layer, the mobile app integration layer and the back-end layer. This is one best and applied way to simplify the development and the process of connecting an enterprise app to several data sources with an ease.

It would be good to disassociate front and end-user’s facing end from the core backend. This separation can be achieved by using an agile API layer which will help developers integrate and simplify the process of connecting an app to a variety of data sources.

And the middle layer which is originally the middleware layer is the place where technologies adopted from other vendors can easily be implemented and on requirements, can also be removed.

So if an experimental implementation doesn’t work or requires to be removed, no any big damage is caused to other part of the software. Developers would be able to implement new solutions without causing any change to existing system, its performance and even without much need of investment to build the whole setup from the scratch.


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