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Roast – Social Networking App

Project Description

The Roast app provides a variety of witty and humorous contents, on all topics. It’s a simple text based apps. No need of waiting for loading images or videos. Share your thought with others and follow them. Roast anyone, from any person to authority.


– Unlimited collection of quick and short posts.
– All the roasts are saved from the very beginning.
– Notifications keeps updated about any activity on your Roast.
– Topics list will update in real time so that non-running topics will be separated from active ones.
– The Top Roaster ranking will also be updated in real-time, on the basis of popularity.
– You can comment, like and share on multiple media platforms.
– One touch Property Listing
– You can link your Roast account to your other social media accounts, so that you don’t miss out on your friends who are already on Roast.
– You can invite friends to share the entertainment.
– After you invite your friends, you can roast them also along with the topics by tagging them in your roasts and comments.

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