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MeraGana – Music App

Project Description

MeraGana – the karaoke has the user interface resembles TV screen and resolution. Use the STB remote control and you navigate, select and play songs you want to listen to. It’s a subscription based app with multiple payment gateways. Once you buy a subscription, the entire library is open to you. The app plays INdia


– The UI and functionality are based on CSS and Java Script, making it compatible for browser on IPTV.
– Categories can be navigated using Up, Down, Left and Right buttons on the remote control.
– Users can create their playlists, add their favorite songs and use options through the 4 color buttons on remote control.
– Save your own style or load styles custom-made in CameraBag 2 for Mac/PC
– The OK buttons on remote control can be used to select and play songs
– Available for any type of TVs.

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