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31 Dec

Microsoft Developing the ‘Breakthrough’ Surface Phone

A Surface Phone has been a rumor for long time but now Chris Capossela, The CMO of Microsoft, has hinted that the company is working on high-end smartphones and it would probably be a Surface Phone. He also talked about Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 upgrade for those users who are still on Windows 7 or 8.

surface phone

However, nothing solid about much rumored ‘Surface’ branded phone was revealed by Capossela but according to a latest report, these handsets may be launched in the second of half of 2016. It may run on Intel processer in the core which is a more powerful chip than recent Qualcomm offerings.

He also revealed that almost 110 million PC users have upgraded to Windows 10 in first 10 weeks since Microsoft announced it in October this year. He further said that the company is trying to bring more users on Windows 10 and it simply means that the “Get Windows 10” will still appear in the computers of users.

“We’re willing to put up with some level of discomfort if we feel like we’re getting more and more people to a safer, better operating system that’s frankly better for everyone in the ecosystem… it’s better for Intel, Dell, HP… our customers,” he said in a interview.



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