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Media and Entertainment Mobility Solutions

No doubt mobility revolution has taken media and entertainment vertical by storm. Smartphones have brought in tons of mobility solutions to revolutionize the media industry via interactive, dynamic and creative entertainment applications. Of course, smartphones and apps are making big changes the way we receive information, news and entertainment. With mobile apps development for media & entertainment industry, businesses and startups can interactively place themselves in media & entertainment world .

At Mobilmindz we know how to design, develop and deploy media and news applications with putting smartphones into the center. We have expert and technology awareness to develop Media and Entertainment Mobility Solutions with a list of interactive features such as:

Features that a Media and Entertainment App can have

  • Customer centric app
  • Focused on business objectives
  • Excellent monetization strategy
  • Cloud driven technology
  • Easily distributable
  • Support to latest media and

Video and Video Editing App Development

Smartphones and apps have taken all the electronic forms of entertainment to the palm of people, on their smartphones. We as audience keep seeking the mobile-way for getting all the TV shows and movies on our smartphones. This is a big shift in the interest of audience. With video app development technology, it’s has turned easier to provide live streaming of television channels. These apps do also monetize for their owners by allowing them to provide premium content on the basis of subscription.

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Music App Development

Music, being the key part of entertainment world, lives in the hearts of us all. People have been listening to music on their mobile for so long but now with smartphone, they can listen to streaming music, save it into lists, download and even send to their friends. Music app development also covers music editing apps which allow users to edit, merge, and enhance music files.

Photo Editing App Development

Photo editing was never an easy task before smartphones. People used to edit photos on desktop, using a software like Photoshop. But it was also not easy to edit a photo in an application like Photoshop. Only trained people could use such desktop software. But smartphones has completely changed the game by shrinking the photo-editing technology to tiny app which anyone can use in their smartphone.

photo editing


Comic Apps Development

The trend of comic books is coming back but this time, by the way of mobility. Yes readers are demanding apps to read their favorite comics and so do comic publishers getting comic apps developed. We can design and develop comic apps that can deliver great user-experience of reading comics on smartphones.