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m-Learning Mobile Application Development

e-Learning has already been a much popular approach for more than a decade but now with arrivals of mobiles and tablets, we are seeing a massive growth in m-learning mobile application development. And m-Learning it’s not limited to education industry; only for colleges and schools. Other businesses are also showing interests in m-learning tools so that their employees can easily learn new things.

We at MobilMindz have ability to create great, interesting and engaging m-Learning tools which can be supplied as courses for various purposes. Apart from this, we also provide technology to shift / expand e-learning platforms to mobile devices. We provide m-learning application development services for a variety of learning processes which help educational institutions and business in providing simplest training support and solutions for complex requirements.

We have a dedicated team of designers, developers, instructional experts and script writers for creating any sort of m-learning mobile application development required by clients.  We process the development as per the ongoing industry standards to not only live up the expectations of a client but also to build a tool that certainly makes difference.

Advantages of m-Learning Apps

Mobile learning is emerging as the norm of eLearning these days. Indeed m-learning apps have fully invaded the e-Learning scene. No matter whether you want to provide education to students or training to your employees, m-Learning apps and m-LearningEducational mobile app development have evolved to a level where they can help all, interactively and intelligently.

Here are the advantages of m-Learning applications:

Scalability, capability and consistency


M-learning is the rapidest medium to create and communicate about latest policies, training, concepts and ideas for largest audience base even with keeping things consistent.

Flexible learning, high retention rate


M-learning apps make learning a fun activity. Students learn courses at their convenience; like a game play. In result, retention rate increases. They can remember more things at once.

Savings Of time & money with reducing carbon footprint


With m-learning app development, schools, colleges and training institutes save huge money required to manage classroom based training. Also, apps reduced carbon footprint.

Measurements of learners’ activities and ROI


Education & training providers can easily track learners’ progress with e-learning apps. They can even prefer reports based on activities and render suggestions to refine experience.

Why choose us for m-Learning app development

We offer a full range of m-learning app designing, development and deployment services. We are capable of conceiving custom feature-loaded mobile apps fitting to specific need of your learning criteria.


Acquire the essential skills

Possessing essential development skills considered foundation of creating an app successful.


Improve Cost Effectiveness

Professional development approaches applied to offer services at reasonable prices.


Time-bounded implementation

Following agile mobile app development method to design and develop app in promised time.


Exposed to global experience

Fully exposed to world-class app development expertise to design any sort of E-Learning application.


Customization as you need

Customizing the solutions and services as per the specific requirement of your business.


Consistent look & feel

No compromised to the quality because of cost or time. Experience consistency all through the app.

Interactive and intelligent m-learning apps

MobilMindz’s m-Learning App development!

Do you need implementing m-Learning apps? We have the best of the solutions and services for all your m-learning mobile application development requirements.

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