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04 Jul

Kotlin is the new buzzword in the world of mobile

Google’s Kotlin is creating too much buzz in world of mobile these days.  This JetBrains-created language is titled as the most powerful technology among others available for Android application development. The key features making it the best language include more type-safety, less verbose, null-safety and Java Interop.


Doubtlessly, Kotlin is aimed at making big changes in the way developers build solutions, by aiding them to bring more briefness and accuracy in the programming resources. It eliminates programming redundancy e.g. the run-time expectation that behaves as a restriction for developers to write long code or lengthy modules in an easy and swift manner.

The currently released beta invites developers to contribute fruitful changes in the language so that it can become more easy and approachable for them to build rich and adaptable solutions for Android OS. It’s loaded with worthy features, and its simple syntax can help developers conduct an Android app development project in more resourceful manner.

Here are the most remarkable features of Kotlin:

Easy coding requires less turnaround time. As this language allows you to build more with fewer codes, it helps you to get things done in a swift manner that indirectly gives you faster results. As per the latest technology reports, it takes almost 20% less coding or codes to develop a program in Kotlin as compared to Java thus resulting in fast turnaround time and effective results.

Effortless Adaptability. Its syntax, the set of rule is such simply as it’s quite easy to learn and adapt to it. Kotlin is compatible with Java and its easiness makes it more approachable, too. It can be learned in few weeks just with a little effort.

Java Interoperability. Kotlin comes with Java interoperability – the key advantage of this language. This advantage also makes it a highly affable for Android app development. Developers can make java libraries, frameworks and various tools. It’s what that makes development with Kotlin an intelligent decision.

Open Source Language. Apache powers Kotlin and makes it an open-source language. It’s easy to code with Kotlin. Developers need Java-to-Kotlin converter to convert intended java based file into the language. Apart from this, this language also leverages open-developers networks which assist you with a number of support components which aren’t restricted to any level.

A secure language. By using NullPointException, maximum errors can be avoided. It proves to quite beneficial for developers to avoid development hindrance and build an app in the best possible secured environment.

Kotlin Available for Free. The most amazing thing about Kotlin is that it’s available absolutely free. No need to pay anything. So it’s easy to adopt, learn and use the language for Android application development.