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21 Sep

How Mobile App Development Is Helping The Education Industry?

Whether you are a student in college or running a business, if you are tech-savvy, you should already own a smartphone. This is natural in today’s time.  And not only you do own a smartphone but use it in a lot of personal & professional operations. This is what computing has turned into. These phones are really smart because they have all the features and functions to remove the need of a laptop or PC for routine, general-purpose computing tasks. Students or office-goers can use their smartphones for information search, emailing, chatting & messaging, social media, news search, and various other educational and entertainment requirements. Businesspersons or entrepreneurs can use their smartphones for having effective communication with their people, partner and prospects, scheduling meetings, and safely sending & receiving data.


Smartphones, phablets, and tablets have now been discovered as the target devices by most of the businesses over the world. These devices are opening unlimited doors of possibilities and contributing to growth in the revenues of businesses. And this is working regardless of the type or size of a business.

So, mobile strategy is working wonders and businesses around the world are interested in implementing and increasing their presence on mobile platforms. The education sector is also exploring possibilities of smartphones and apps. Universities, colleges,and schools are hiring mobile developers to bring their various systems on a mobile platform.

There are reports to set it that almost half of students are using their mobile devices in college, school and university related tasks. Some educational institutes have even implemented online apps for submitting assignment, tests, etc. It sounds a good idea to connect both students and education institutes together with mobile platform.

Mobile apps can be designed and developed for a wide range of requirements, such as recruitment of students, creating inbound-outbound communication channels, and promoting. These apps can connect teachers, college, students, parents, events and other activities in a chain. And in this way, the entire process becomes easy and simple and become more responsive for reach of the participants.

Mobile apps can help colleges and their students. The top colleges are those ones which operate in a fast-paced world. A dedicated mobile application development can take the learning and imparting education to an absolutely new level. For example, about 25 universities in the UK have already implemented apps. These apps can help from students to faculty, to visitors, to alumni, to future students, to staff and so on.

So mobile apps are accelerating an excellent presence of mobiles devices by helping students and others people in a number of ways. These apps can allow students accessing various aspects of education right from their mobile.

The mobile app development technology has now evolved to level where it can securely handle almost all computing operations; whether they are related to school/college or training provider institute. Additionally, apps help education providers easily project them as a brand in the industry and attract more learners. It all has become possible with the technology of mobile application development for education industry.

An ERP system for schools and colleges is one the examples of the enterprise mobility. This system increases daily productivity, collaborates beyond classrooms, saves paper,  reduces teacher workload, connects multiple departments campuses together, completes automation for smarter decisions, deepens student learning with technology and save money, improves student engagement and can be accessed right from your palm.