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16 Jun

How businesses can offer better app-user experience with dark mode feature

Businesses now just cannot consider mobile apps a secondary medium any more. Reports from various sources have confirmed that smartphones have already outperformed desktop when it comes to usage of the web. People, whether they are individual or employee, now want to prefer mobile devices over desktop for almost every general purpose computing task.

dark mode app

When everything is going mobile way, businesses have no choice but to adopt mobility at its full potentials. Indeed, it’s positive transition than a burden. Smart CEOs have learned the prospective of mobility and dedicate mobile application development and entered this world already.  They are investing in mobile based products and services to have an edge over competitors.

But a business app will not succeed if it has nothing that lets it stand out of the crowd. Unless an app is focused on providing its offerings in a unique way and delivering matchless user-experience, success is always farfetched for it. Only the apps, based on intense market research along with wearing latest technology features, will get the attention of users.

Users too are dependent on mobile devices and apps. They keep trying different apps day and night but many have been quite painful with using the day mode of the app at night. As of the experts of field, many users now love to use apps with dark mode enabled. Don’t confuse dark mode with night mode. There are differences between these two. Night mode is nothing but reducing the brightness but dark mode isn’t so.

We can better explain dark mode with inverted colors. So when the dark mode is applied, the colors of an app in foreground and background are exchanged to improve readability at night. So if the app has white background with black font, the dark mode exchange the background with dark colors to reduce strain on users’ eyes which simply means user can spend more time in an app. Also dark mode does not affect the sleeping patterns of the users.

Another advantage of dark mode enabled app is that it draws less power from battery. Developers of the field say that in dark mode, only the specific pixels are lighted up and whole screen remains in the dark. Less number of pixels consume less battery. An app consuming less battery power also allows users to keep using it for longer period of time.

Dark more does not also put off users because using an app in regular mode may disturb a person sleeping next to them. Often time people want to use an app but they avoid it because the person next to them may be disturbed by light of the screen while dark mode produces less light which simply means creating less disturbance.

If you are a business owning app and then consider implanting dark mode which may of course arrange more users to the app.


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