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24 Nov

Google Announced the Android Studio 2.0 Preview

Google announced Android Studio 2.0 preview at the Android Dev Summit held in Mountain View, CA between 23 and 24 November, 2015.

In the latest version of Android Studio, which is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android application development, the feature include Instant Run that will dramatically improve development workflow of Android apps. It will help Android developers make change in code / resources and update it in the app almost intently. It will virtually be supported by every emulator currently in use as well as by all the physical devices and all versions of Android in use. With the new version of Android Studio, a preview of new GPU Profiler has been also included.

The Google Product Manager at Android – Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson said “In the android studio team our goal is to make the IDE delightful and in order for it to be delightful we felt like it had to be not just stable but incredibly stable”.

As she explained, in the version 2.0 of Android Studio there is ADB push speeds which, in comparison of physical device, are five times fast with Android Studio Emulator. The UI of the studio has also been completely rewritten.

The new version of IDE now also supports screen rotation, dragging one apk and dropping it on the emulator, screen shots, re-sizing the emulator by dragging its side, emulation of GPS location, calls, camera, text and a lot other features.

“With 2.0, the IDE is designed to help you stay constantly in the flow while you are coding”, Cuthbertson added.

For graphics intensive apps like games, videos, maps and others, the Android Studio 2.0 will now have very early preview of New GPU profiler. It will let Android developer record and replay the whole GPU stream per frame-by-frame. The IDE is available open source, for free to all.


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