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16 Nov

Disadvantages of Jailbreaking an iPhone

jail break

If you Jailbreak your iPhone, you are able to remove the limitations which Apple has imposed on it. Jailbreaking allows users to exploit the restricted capabilities of hardware or software of an iPhone. But, do you not think that Apple is smarter than you so it has restricted those capabilities that can damage the device? Here are the disadvantages of jailbreaking that can cause the death of an iPhone.

Jailbreaking is dangerous for stability of the device

If you have jailbroken your device, you can see applications are crashing more than usual. Many applications behave abnormally after jailbreaking. Users have reported buggy connections too.

Failure of application features.

The most common app that immediately loses its functions and gets locked is iBook.  Jailbreaking is out of Digital Rights provided by Apple in every iPhone. When Jailbreaking an iPhone, the app like iBook can determine that there is an attempt to run unsigned code. Apart from iBook, third party apps could also be affected.

Jailbreak means no more support from Apple.   

Can you see your little iPhone lose the compassion from Apple? Apple ends its support for iPhone when you jailbreak its device. It is not advisable to let Apple off all its helplines because your device is jailbroken.

Jailbreaking also increases the memory load.

Jailbreaking may also allow you to add services that would always be running, but this can cause your device bearing the increased memory load. It affects the performance of your device in long run.

Jailbreaking stakes security of the device.

When you jailbreak your iPhone, security concerns are increased. Jailbreaking adds unexamined software to your device and turns it more prone to malware and virus attacks. Everybody knows what does mean by opening a device for malware or antivirus attacks.

Bricking is possible.

If anything goes wrong during the jailbreaking, the device can be bricked. A bricked iPhone means a dead iPhone. As a solution the user can restore original firmware via iTunes to get the Device back into action.

However, jailbreaking has some advantages too. It allows you to install third party apps while it is absolutely not possible in an iPhone that is not jailbroken. Users also jailbreak their iPhones for customizing springboard which is the default desktop home screen on the device with app icons. Apple supports Wi-Fi tethering but user has to navigate through various screens to turn it on/off. Jailbreaking may allow you to create a single shortcut on desktop through which you can easily on/off tethering.

Still, Jailbreaking has disadvantages more than advantages and it is advisable that until it is a matter of life and death, you should avoid jailbreaking.


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