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09 Dec

Creating Winning Apps With a Platform Like Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Apps can serve far better than any responsive website does. They are engaging, can be personalized in a lot of ways and provide relevant experience to audience regardless of limits of time and place. But a great mobile application development requires seamless integration of smart design and flawless back-end functionality.


One applied way to achieve this objective is to pair app developers’ creative talent with the technology expertise of systems integrator. This sort of combination of skills, merged with a well defined direction and goals to be achieved, certainly result in an app which makes a business and employees or customers more efficient and effective.

Some professional mobile application development companies have achieved this goal with using Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEM Mobile). The platform gives complete control over UX and let app developers quickly implement apps for their clients. AEM Mobile based apps enabled clients automate the publishing content and data into their applications.

With AEM, marketers can easily author and update content to the apps by connecting app workflow and leveraging assets already. This approaches that the content is up-to-date along with app experience remaining relevant and engaging.

A successful app isn’t focused only on design. Nowadays, maximum focus is given towards building engaging and sustainable experience and AEM is one good platform to attain this objective. This platform helps mobile app developers combining strong design elements with coding and powerful Adobe tools and, creating app solutions that best fit to the needs of their clients. Overall, AEM lets mobile app development companies create a wide range of solutions. Developers can take advantage of multi-channel publishing to the web and mobile apps by applying the approach using content from AEM Sites and Assets from the start.

AEM Mobile comes with range of tools letting creative mobile app developers provide their clients with more organized and dedicated app development services for a variety of requirements. Also, AEM powers developers launching apps in weeks instead of months.

So these approaches empower clients to adopt mobile apps in a way which is comfortable, fit their needs and also productively serve their work-processes.


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