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25 May

The impacts of IoT enabled mobile app development

The technology of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the key trend in the tech world. People love to use apps that let them automate and wirelessly control appliances / gadgets in homes and offices. IoT apps can even control several features of their cars. Growing demand of the IoT has also captured the attention […]

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10 Jun

Keeping on With the Right Track in the Wearable App Development

The wearable technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The advent of wearables have really influenced customers who need more immediate means of mobility and businesses which are looking for efficiency that wearable can bring to them. Wearable technologies allow users to stay better engaged with their environments, and more discreet along with being fashionable. […]

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19 May

What‘s happening in Google I/O this year? (2017)

The three-day Google I/O annual developer conference is going on these days. In the lead of CEO Sundar Pichai and several other executives, Google has laid out the future road-map of the company for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, VR, and, a lot more. Here are the top takeaways from the I/O keynote: #1  Android […]

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