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27 Jun

What’s New In iOS 10 For iPad And iPhone app developers?

Apple announced the tenth major version of iOS at its recently held Worldwide Developer Conference. This time the company, as we have been expecting, is going to add a lot of latest features and apps to the iOS version 10, along with polishing some of its edges which have become rough over the last few […]

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15 Jun

Apple is Making Big Changes In App Store For Gaming App Developers

Apple’s changes to be made to the App Store policies seem to be favorable for iOS app developers. Now they are more focused towards the development of quality games. Gaming apps generate 75% of total revenue. Subscription method has been spotted as the best system for quality apps. Of course these changes represent a fundamental […]

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26 May

3 Reasons Why iOS App Development Should Be Preferred

Mobile technology is changing the way businesses work. Now they are more prompt, connected and receptive. They can quickly interact with all their customers, employees and partners.  It has become easier and convenient to work on the go with mobile phones and apps. When we talk about mobile phones and apps, just think which one […]

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