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26 May

The Top Trends for Startups Launching An iOS App

There are tons of iOS apps available for iPhone and iPad devices. Of course they all are brought in to app stores by businesses, startups and organizations which either want to sell their app itself, or through it, or to provide information through it for marketing and better placement of brand to audience. In either […]

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08 Jul

Why Do Developers Still Prefer iOS Over Android And Others?

Why most of the mobile app developers prefer iOS over other platforms? And what online businesses can learn from this fact? Mobile app developers have clear answers for these two questions. This post isn’t biased towards iOS because it will not be a fair study. We are of course in Google’s age where more than 80% […]

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27 Jun

What’s New In iOS 10 For iPad And iPhone app developers?

Apple announced the tenth major version of iOS at its recently held Worldwide Developer Conference. This time the company, as we have been expecting, is going to add a lot of latest features and apps to the iOS version 10, along with polishing some of its edges which have become rough over the last few […]

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