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04 Jul

Kotlin is the new buzzword in the world of mobile

Google’s Kotlin is creating too much buzz in world of mobile these days.  This JetBrains-created language is titled as the most powerful technology among others available for Android application development. The key features making it the best language include more type-safety, less verbose, null-safety and Java Interop. Doubtlessly, Kotlin is aimed at making big changes […]

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07 Oct

Three production stages of an Android Application Development

The increasing demand of mobile devices has doubtlessly triggered Android application development as a demanding industry. And the most interesting thing of this industry is that it keeps growing day by day. More and more people are using mobile devices and learning how they can make their lives easier with apps. Here, Android plays a crucial […]

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12 Jul

Google Will Train Two Million Android Developers In India

Google brought out its plans to provide education and certification to students and developers under its Android skilling program. The initiative is aimed at training 2 million app developers in India. The Google’s initiative can be seen as a positive move for any Android mobile app development company which experiences difficulties in finding talented developers […]

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