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08 May

How Android Apps can Turn Your Business Successful

Mobile is turning out to be a preferred platform for realizing online business ideas. Almost all sorts and sizes of businesses / companies are now using mobility. We all know which one is the leading mobile platform as of the current trend. Yes, no doubt, it is Android, which is powering at least 85 percent […]

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16 Mar

Why apps created for health are not succeeding

We already have 175K m-health apps available to download from the app stores but most of the users have not yet learned to systematically use them to manage and improve their health aspects. (Source) This of course discourages mobile app developers who put all their hard-work, thorough researches and hundreds of hours of manpower in […]

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04 Jul

Kotlin is the new buzzword in the world of mobile

Google’s Kotlin is creating too much buzz in world of mobile these days.  This JetBrains-created language is titled as the most powerful technology among others available for Android application development. The key features making it the best language include more type-safety, less verbose, null-safety and Java Interop. Doubtlessly, Kotlin is aimed at making big changes […]

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