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20 Feb

You Must Ask These 4 Questions Before Hiring a Mobile App Developer

So you too are planning to launch an app. And for this reason you need a mobile developer. Often time, businesses do not have their own mobile application development team and thus they hire developers from outside. But you will not want to hire any mobile app developer team coming in Google search or is referred by […]

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09 Feb

Why Businesses Need Mobile Application Development

MobilMindz, an emerging mobile application development firm, has recently shared why businesses need mobile apps. The experts at the company referred some businesses as example to prove that the time has come to first think about mobile strategy and then others. Take the example of a business that has field executives to respond to sales […]

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27 Jan

Enterprise Mobility is Reshaping the Education Industry

No matter what you are doing right now but as a typical tech-savvy user, you are supposed to have a smartphone or table. Of course you would be using your device for numerous personal and professional things. And there are certain reasons to do this. Modern devices come loaded with a host of features and functions […]

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