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23 Mar

How To Create Effective Mobile Experiences

For last seven years, we have been seeing the rise of mobiles as one of the major technology trends globally. Enterprises are making big investments to go mobile. A latest Forrester study shows that 88% of companies have at least one and 38% have more than 20 apps. These apps do not only help enterprises […]

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14 Mar

Facebook Is Working On A WordPress Plug-in For Instant Articles

Facebook has recently partners with Automattic, the parent company of WordPress, for testing and developing a new plug-in which can be used to adapt instant articles. The social media company said that it has been working with a small team of WordPress users to test the beta version of the plug-in. This plug-in will offer […]

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29 Feb

Are You Aware Of The Benefits Of Using Health And Fitness Apps

People are nowadays more conscious towards fitness and shape. They do not want to get left behind in the race because of being unhealthy or unfit. Thankfully, mobile devices are here to fulfill this need even when we are tied up to busy schedules. The health app development is growing over the world, connecting doctors, […]

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