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16 Jun

How businesses can offer better app-user experience with dark mode feature

Businesses now just cannot consider mobile apps a secondary medium any more. Reports from various sources have confirmed that smartphones have already outperformed desktop when it comes to usage of the web. People, whether they are individual or employee, now want to prefer mobile devices over desktop for almost every general purpose computing task. When […]

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10 Jun

Keeping on With the Right Track in the Wearable App Development

The wearable technology is growing by leaps and bounds. The advent of wearables have really influenced customers who need more immediate means of mobility and businesses which are looking for efficiency that wearable can bring to them. Wearable technologies allow users to stay better engaged with their environments, and more discreet along with being fashionable. […]

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26 May

The Top Trends for Startups Launching An iOS App

There are tons of iOS apps available for iPhone and iPad devices. Of course they all are brought in to app stores by businesses, startups and organizations which either want to sell their app itself, or through it, or to provide information through it for marketing and better placement of brand to audience. In either […]

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