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28 Apr

What is Mobile Wallet Application Development?

E-wallet has become the best feature to be added to smart devices through an application. An e-wallet technology and apps free people from carrying money whenever they need to pay for their purchases. These e-wallet or digital wallet applications allow people to pay in both ways – online and offline. For many of us, e-wallet […]

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21 Apr

Top 5 Sources Enterprise Apps are Coming From

When there is merely a talk over setting up a formal enterprise mobile strategy or sharing just an idea enabling business-processes with applications, you might think you would need a number of specialized apps. Right at that moment when you think of specialized apps, you may also think of the headache that would be experienced […]

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13 Apr

Google released Android Things Developer Preview 3

There isn’t much discourse about Google’s Android Things – an OS for low-power, memory constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices. But as Google has released Android Things Developer Preview 3 a couple days ago, the OS has yet again come in the mainstream discussion. Here is the latest, useful information About Android Things Developer Preview […]

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