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08 May

How Android Apps can Turn Your Business Successful

Mobile is turning out to be a preferred platform for realizing online business ideas. Almost all sorts and sizes of businesses / companies are now using mobility. We all know which one is the leading mobile platform as of the current trend. Yes, no doubt, it is Android, which is powering at least 85 percent […]

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13 Apr

How smartphone apps help people live a healthy lifestyle

Smart phones can play a big role in living a healthy lifestyle. If you are facing difficultly in living healthy because of your busy schedule, do not forget that smartphone in your pocket. It can help you anytime, anywhere. If it can wake up you in the morning with an alarm, then it can also […]

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06 Apr

The mistakes startups make in hiring mobile app developers

You have an app startup idea and, you want to hire developers to realize it. This is a welcome move because things are really going mobile and almost all businesses are providing their offerings through apps. But, how many of them will succeed? I suppose only a handful of businesses do really get the true […]

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