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01 Sep

How businesses can better use the mobile app development technology

Does the future really belong to smartphones and of course, to apps? Or, are we already in the futuristic mobility? Yes, we have already entered the future of smartphones and apps. Let us discuss about some areas where apps already have advantages and, how businesses and mobile app developers can utilize these advantages to their […]

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11 Aug

How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are making a foundation for Mix Reality

You have perhaps already noticed this, but after a few false starts, virtual reality is finally here to make a difference. And of course this time, it’s in a big obvious way. Market has a wide variety of headsets ranging from smartphone powered devices like the super-cheap, assemble-it-yourself, Google cardboard to the “free if you […]

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20 Jul

We know what makes an app failed

Entrepreneurship now seems to be led by startups; particularly when 70-80% of young people are trying to invest and launch own startups. But what makes it more interesting is that many of these startup ideas are created with keeping mobile app in the core. No doubt it makes sense to launch app based startups mainly […]

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