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01 Jul

How Does Big Data Influence Mobile App Developers?

Data is a tool of survival for mobile app developers. The more they have it, the more they will know about their consumers and, the more it is accurate, the more they will be able to do conversions. With the best data in hand, it’s not difficult to discover what consumers want and, what do […]

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27 Jun

What’s New In iOS 10 For iPad And iPhone app developers?

Apple announced the tenth major version of iOS at its recently held Worldwide Developer Conference. This time the company, as we have been expecting, is going to add a lot of latest features and apps to the iOS version 10, along with polishing some of its edges which have become rough over the last few […]

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21 Jun

Why Investment In Enterprise App Development Is Decreasing?

It’s really difficult to ignore the power of mobile apps, be it for casual use or for business use. But on the other hand, many organizations are scaling back their spending on enterprise app development, as revealed by Gartner. Of course the demand has not decreased in any way but no solid foundation has been […]

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