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27 Jan

Enterprise Mobility is Reshaping the Education Industry

No matter what you are doing right now but as a typical tech-savvy user, you are supposed to have a smartphone or table. Of course you would be using your device for numerous personal and professional things. And there are certain reasons to do this. Modern devices come loaded with a host of features and functions […]

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18 Jan

Ordering Food Online is Now Child’s Play

Frankly speaking, my parents never dared to order food even on phone. They did not even believe on takeaway. I saw them relying on typical methods. They cooked food at home even in the case of party for large number of guests and if they were not able to handle it on their own, they […]

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31 Dec

Microsoft Developing the ‘Breakthrough’ Surface Phone

A Surface Phone has been a rumor for long time but now Chris Capossela, The CMO of Microsoft, has hinted that the company is working on high-end smartphones and it would probably be a Surface Phone. He also talked about Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows 10 upgrade for those users who are still on Windows […]

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