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19 Apr

The Cost Of App Development

It’s visible to us all that mobile devices are being used at large level by both individuals and business users. And the same rising adoption has also increased global mobile usages to more than 76% as comparison to previous years. Of course app market too is getting immense attention and so is the case with […]

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11 Apr

The Top 4 Reasons To Use HTML5 For Mobile App

The web standard HTML5 is here since a while and has been prepared to be used in mobile application development. If you have been ignoring to go HTML5 technology for mobile app, let me help you count the top of its benefits. Flexibility – HTML5 is quite flexible and mobile app developers are learning that […]

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23 Mar

How To Create Effective Mobile Experiences

For last seven years, we have been seeing the rise of mobiles as one of the major technology trends globally. Enterprises are making big investments to go mobile. A latest Forrester study shows that 88% of companies have at least one and 38% have more than 20 apps. These apps do not only help enterprises […]

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