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20 Oct

The 5 Must-have Features in Android Apps

The rising market share of Android OS, among both smartphone and tablet users, keep encouraging more individuals and businesses to enter the mobile world with their Android app development ideas. Of course there are tons of opportunities available for people turning out to be a full-time app entrepreneur and generate revenue. But there are a […]

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14 Oct

How to do a secure Android Mobile Application Development

With taking an increasing number of services on mobile devices, we are exposing ourselves to hackers and attackers who are always keen to stake people’s personal information without their permission. And as we know, losing personal information and data can cost a lot for some of us. But it applies only in case when we […]

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07 Oct

Three production stages of an Android Application Development

The increasing demand of mobile devices has doubtlessly triggered Android application development as a demanding industry. And the most interesting thing of this industry is that it keeps growing day by day. More and more people are using mobile devices and learning how they can make their lives easier with apps. Here, Android plays a crucial […]

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