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27 Mar

The best tips to a better mobile app development outsource

You are a business person with terrific idea which can be converted into an app and the app itself has all the potential to generate revenue. But then you meet several obstacles because of being depended completely on your in-house development team. To avoid any issues caused by getting an app developed from in-house team, […]

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18 Mar

What are the best programming languages for mobile app development?

What will be the programming language for your next mobile app development project? Will it be Java, the general purpose, class-based, and object oriented programming language which runs in more than 3 billion of devices all over the world? Will you use Swift, the latest programming technology by Apple itself? Or, will it be HTML5, […]

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10 Mar

How Intelligent Apps Enhance User Engagement

No doubt mobile phones are smart as they are portable and can replicate almost every task a PC can do but, they have not turned really smarter so far. Yes, it’s true.  You still need to provide them inputs via tapping your fingers and thumb. Smart phones will turn smarter when they will do everything […]

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