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16 Mar

Why apps created for health are not succeeding

We already have 175K m-health apps available to download from the app stores but most of the users have not yet learned to systematically use them to manage and improve their health aspects. (Source) This of course discourages mobile app developers who put all their hard-work, thorough researches and hundreds of hours of manpower in […]

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25 Jan

4 Most Popular Chatbot Platforms for Your Business

Businesses around the world are implementing chatbots into their apps and web platforms. Chatbot helps businesses need advancing their operating methods and increasing customers effectively. Even tech-titans like Facebook has made its move in the arena and created its own chatbots and chatbot platforms. So what a chatbot actually is? Chatbots are advanced Artificial Intelligence […]

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21 Dec

Why Developers have now started to prefer Google Play Store over Apple AppStore

After all, many developers have now started to prefer Google Play store over the App Store, to implement their mobile apps. Of course, the debate that which one of them is the best has not over yet, but as the trends are going on, developers are seen lean towards Android apps and publishing these apps […]

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