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19 May

What‘s happening in Google I/O this year? (2017)

The three-day Google I/O annual developer conference is going on these days. In the lead of CEO Sundar Pichai and several other executives, Google has laid out the future road-map of the company for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, VR, and, a lot more. Here are the top takeaways from the I/O keynote: #1  Android […]

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15 May

How to develop MVP for a Mobile App idea

If you are thinking of rapidly launching a mobile app for your business, it’s strongly recommended that you consider the MVP approach. Businesses need apps and they hire developers to get these apps implemented. Sometimes, these apps are the supplement or compliment of an existing business or process but in most of cases, an app itself […]

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05 May

How Appreneur Can Grow With Their Apps

The incredible growth of the mobile app world is evidenced when we notice that modern apps aren’t merely used for entertainment like playing games, watching videos or listening to music. In fact, their utility has gone far beyond that. Modern apps for smart devices have now turned out to be matchless tool for businesses which want […]

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