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22 Sep

The Top 5 Health, Medical and Fitness Apps Rated By Doctors

Modern technologies are now available in their easiest form. See these fancy phones coming with software and hardware which have made them nothing less than full-fledged PCs. In fact, they are themselves PCs only but in a more personalized way. These phones are known as smartphone and, since they have been brought in to us, […]

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14 Sep

The benefits of bringing in an app to you laundry business

The practical utilities of apps keep influencing new businesses to enter the world of smart mobility. Laundry is also one of them. Yes, laundry businesses too are learning how technology can help them reach more customers and generate more revenue. By a dedicated mobile app development a laundry business can easily take its business-model online […]

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07 Sep

How to Promote Your Mobile App in 2017

Mobile application is one of the modern ways of brand-communication with customers. Let’s start with some statistics. According to a Statista study, almost 59% of Internet users access websites via their mobile devices today. And their number is expected to grow up to 63.4% by 2019. That could have sounded encouraging for app developers and […]

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