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20 Jul

We know what makes an app failed

Entrepreneurship now seems to be led by startups; particularly when 70-80% of young people are trying to invest and launch own startups. But what makes it more interesting is that many of these startup ideas are created with keeping mobile app in the core. No doubt it makes sense to launch app based startups mainly […]

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04 Jul

Kotlin is the new buzzword in the world of mobile

Google’s Kotlin is creating too much buzz in world of mobile these days.  This JetBrains-created language is titled as the most powerful technology among others available for Android application development. The key features making it the best language include more type-safety, less verbose, null-safety and Java Interop. Doubtlessly, Kotlin is aimed at making big changes […]

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23 Jun

How Analytics and Business Intelligence strengthen mobile app development

The mobile-oriented business segment is getting to the next level. The ways apps created and distributed are also all set for next level of mobile computing. There are visible changes in content-presentation and big-date technologies or designing a portlet-based app that can support all the mobile platforms in trend. We have a number of great […]

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