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21 Dec

Why Developers have now started to prefer Google Play Store over Apple AppStore

After all, many developers have now started to prefer Google Play store over the App Store, to implement their mobile apps. Of course, the debate that which one of them is the best has not over yet, but as the trends are going on, developers are seen lean towards Android apps and publishing these apps […]

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08 Dec

The Top 5 Apps You Should Have While Traveling In the USA

Which are the best travel apps in the USA? If you are traveling to the USA, which apps will provide the most responsive support? Here, this blog shares info about the top 5 apps most of the travelers going to the USA use in their devices. Let’s begin. TripIt If you need an app to […]

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24 Nov

How To Create a Mobile App with Best UI Designs?

Steve Jobs once said, “It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Right, isn’t it??? Let me quote Jessica Enders here to prove my point! According to her, “eBay made an extra $500 million annually just by tweaking a button on one of their mobile forms”. With millions […]

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