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11 Jun
Vivek Verma 0 Comments

Impact of Mobile apps on Healthcare Sector

Healthcare isn’t just another domain getting the attention of mobile app developers across the world. There is a visible impact of apps on patient-care, physicians, medicines, allied medical staff, and processes / procedures. Impact on patient care Impact on physicians Impact on allied medical professionals and staff Impact on medicines Impact on process / procedures […]

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25 May

The impacts of IoT enabled mobile app development

The technology of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the key trend in the tech world. People love to use apps that let them automate and wirelessly control appliances / gadgets in homes and offices. IoT apps can even control several features of their cars. Growing demand of the IoT has also captured the attention […]

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08 May

How Android Apps can Turn Your Business Successful

Mobile is turning out to be a preferred platform for realizing online business ideas. Almost all sorts and sizes of businesses / companies are now using mobility. We all know which one is the leading mobile platform as of the current trend. Yes, no doubt, it is Android, which is powering at least 85 percent […]

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