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10 Dec

At least 7% Android devices are still using older versions of the OS

Although latest versions of Android have of course created enough buzz in the mobile world but a lot of Android users are still not able to use theme. Yes, maximum Android devices are running on older versions of the OS and users owning these smartphones have not yet tried what great is wrapped in the latest Android OSes.

Google released some data earlier this week that shows that 71.6% of all Android devices are still running the versions of the OS preceding Lollipop. Particularly, 36.6% of Android devices are still running 4.4 Kitkat which was released more than two year ago.

The data released by Google shows further that 26.9% of users are owning  Jelly Bean powered devices. This OS was released in July 2012.


On the other hand, 70% of iOS device-users are now running iOS9 which is newest release of iOS OS series. Apple released it in September this year.


Although users are keenly waiting for Android 6.0 but they will not be able to experience its features another year or two.


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