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18 Jan

Application Development For Shipping & Logistics Industry

mobile app development logistics

Shipping and logistics industry undoubtedly plays a vital role in keeping businesses together. Their services and solutions let one business transport its goods to another business. Companies providing shipping and logistics services are advancing themselves with time. They are implementing latest web and mobile technologies to make their procedures simpler, turn their employees more productive and stay in the competition.

With dedicated web and mobile app development solutions like front office manager, inventory management system, roster plans for sailors, ship and crew and, world time zone & maps, companies in shipping and logistics industry can certainly advance their business. These users-friendly solutions let your customers know about your services, charges, and pertaining guidelines.

Take the example of an ERP system that can help logistics and shipping companies reduce cost, increase profits, and customize services with an ease. An ERP system can help in improving and maintaining various defined indicators like the date of delivery, production-line changes, etc in a goods shipping company. With a bespoke web and mobile application development for ERP system, companies will automate their processes in simple and standard format.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) can also be quite helpful at several places. It will let the company keep track of various transactions to better serve customers in present and future. It can also aid customers tracking their consignments to have information about delivery and to speak with customer care executives with an ease. With a CRM, the shipping and logistics companies can track and organize the contacts of existing and prospective customers.  A CRM solution can have three major parts: customer service, sales force automation and campaign management and, all of them have their places in a shipping and logistics company.

Then there are GPS-enabled tracking systems and apps which can be integrated in vehicle so that managers can keep their eyes on the entire fleet of vehicles in order to stay informed which vehicle is where.

So these are some ways through which companies in shipping and logistics businesses can improve a lot of their procedures with web and mobile technologies. The most interesting part is that these modern technologies based online solutions provide information in the real time.

This article hints how companies in logistics and shipping industry can power their employees with modern web and mobile based tools along with facilitating various processes for customers to aid them to always stay informed where exactly their consignments are and how much more time the delivery will take.

We have collected this information from the best of the sources available online. Our specialists have analyzed every detail mentioned in the article, and feasibility of suggested solutions and brought it to you.