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25 Jan

4 Most Popular Chatbot Platforms for Your Business

Businesses around the world are implementing chatbots into their apps and web platforms. Chatbot helps businesses need advancing their operating methods and increasing customers effectively. Even tech-titans like Facebook has made its move in the arena and created its own chatbots and chatbot platforms.

So what a chatbot actually is?

Chatbots are advanced Artificial Intelligence based systems that can be integrated into the built-in messaging or chatting systems of an app or website. Its tool for marketing allows online businesses to interact with their target audiences in an effective way. They are treated to be the personal assistant for a company’s online platform – app and website – and help in answering specific queries and clearing doubts related to services or products offered by the company.

If you too are also looking for a chatbot to leverage its potentials for your business, here are the popular platforms which have been proved as most effective chatbots for the purpose.



ChattyPeople is the most interactional chatbot development platform available in the market. It can be applied in the development of advanced AI chatbots for online websites. It can be used in creating Facebook messaging apps effortlessly and speedily. There is no need of having rich experience into the same for implementing the technology to your chatbot. You do not need to have coding skills to build a chatbot with the use of ChattyPeople. The most interesting thing about ChattyPeople is that it is available for free.



If you want do chatbot to your platform on your own but aren’t an expert in that than Chatfuel will surely be the best option. It allows you to create the Facebook Messenger chatbot without any prior knowledge in the chatbot coding. Its advanced features include content cards, automatic content sharing to the followers, collecting related information inside the respective charts of Messenger, allowing users to request proper information, and many others. Its special AI technology helps a lot in scripting useful and interactive conversations.



Botsify is a top Facebook chatbot development platform for the creation and implementation of an extensive AI chat system. It’s quite easy to create advanced chatbot and integrate it into your website with the use of Botsify. Its special paid subscription lets you achieve integration in a series of simple steps. But the free services offered also let you create chatbot services as you need.

Flow XO


If you need a lot of integrations, Flow XO is there to help you in that. It’s the only platform that lets you do that. It also comes with a user-friendly visual creator and editor. Developers can build chatbots in single go for many platforms like Facebook and others. It also comes with several built-in templates that help in the quick start and saves a lot of time of developers.