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22 Dec

Reasons why investment in enterprise apps is decreasing

The power of mobile apps cannot be underrated now – whether it’s for causal use or for enterprise operations. However, many organizations have started to scale back their spending on enterprise app development as a Gartner’s survey revealed. The demand of enterprise apps has not decreased but because many apps have failed at generating considerable […]

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09 Dec

Creating Winning Apps With a Platform Like Adobe Experience Manager Mobile

Apps can serve far better than any responsive website does. They are engaging, can be personalized in a lot of ways and provide relevant experience to audience regardless of limits of time and place. But a great mobile application development requires seamless integration of smart design and flawless back-end functionality. One applied way to achieve […]

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02 Dec

Top Hacks Helping You Monetize Your App

The very first question to hit the minds of those who want to venture into mobility is:  How to monetize an app. We are going to discuss about the monetization with respect to free apps. But before you – a developer to pick advertisement as the method of generating revenue, make sure you are not […]

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