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27 Oct

Why does your restaurant need a mobile app development?

Restaurants are discovering the significance of mobile apps. They are finding out that how these tiny apps can help restaurants not only run a variety of operations but also turn into a brand. A professionally built app can even turn out to be the key to compete in the market. However, it’s not easy for […]

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26 Oct

Top reasons why your app is not getting enough downloads

You think of doing something via your smartphone and you will probably find an app for it – whether you want to listen to a walkup song or to personalize your own emoji. There are more than 2.1 billion users owning a smartphone and as of Flurry’s findings – 90 percent of all the time […]

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20 Oct

The 5 Must-have Features in Android Apps

The rising market share of Android OS, among both smartphone and tablet users, keep encouraging more individuals and businesses to enter the mobile world with their Android app development ideas. Of course there are tons of opportunities available for people turning out to be a full-time app entrepreneur and generate revenue. But there are a […]

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