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27 Sep

Finding the differences between mobile applications and mobile websites

A mobile app is a software program designed to run on small computing platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Most applications do not have cross-platform compatibility and if they have then they will certainly run through a middle program such as Java applications run through Java Virtual Machine. Mobile applications are specific to perform operations […]

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15 Sep

How Enterprise Mobile Application Development Leverages Business Benefits

Implementing enterprise mobile application development takes a lot of efforts. There is no success if the base-idea isn’t treated with visionary planning. But with right people, right plannings and right solutions, it’s not difficult to streamline various external and internal operations of a business for mobile platforms. Businesses, regardless of their sizes and sorts, can bring great […]

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07 Sep

12 Steps To Create A Winning Mobile App

  An idea of creating an app has just hit you and now you want to convert it into real product. Maybe it’s a gaming app or a business app but before you begin development, either on your own or by hiring an app development company, you must be aware of the most important steps […]

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