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30 Aug

The Most Vital Tips For Android App Development Companies

Android is now a gigantic mobile platform. iOS, Windows and several others are far behind in race of popularity and acceptance in comparison of Android. This Google’s mobile OS leads in both smartphone and tablet consumer segments. In September 2015, Android platform had 1.4 billion 30-day active users globally, according to an article of […]

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25 Aug

6 Key Reasons Why App Start-ups Fail

A lot of start-ups are setting their business around mobility. With a dedicated mobile app development, they do not only enter the global marketplace with an ease but also,  succeed to rapidly get recognition. Apart this, brands of these start-ups are placed among target audience in minimum efforts and investment. But wait. Not all app […]

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17 Aug

The Top 3 Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers While Launching Apps

Programming isn’t the hardest part of a mobile application development. If developers have plans, they would go by it. The hardest part is actually converting the developed app into a successful product that attracts users and of course, generates revenue too. If it’s  your first mobile application development, you will learn about the most common challenges faced in […]

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