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25 Jul

Focus On UX To Make Our Mobile Application Development Successful

Studies conducted around the world have confirmed that success of a mobile app presenting your business entirely depends on various aspects of user experience such as launch speed, performance, stability and battery. UX is what users come across right from the moment they use your app and, creates the very first impression of a product’s […]

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20 Jul

How To Build An Effective Enterprise Mobile Application Development Strategy?

Smartphones and tablets have arrived at almost every client segment, be it’s of casual users or of corporate / businesses users. As of estimations, the number of smartphones will exceed 7.5 billion by the end of 2016. A part of the growth in the acceptance of these smart devices is contributed by the rising interaction […]

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15 Jul

Need Growth in Business? Go for Android Application Development

Smartphones also need OS like desktops and laptops. An OS enables smartphones performing multiple functions; even those tasks for which PCs are preferred. Now smartphones are powered by different operating systems, and the major ones are–Android, iOS, and Windows. Among all of them, Android is the most popular. The OS has become a major platform to […]

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